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Phone words are 5 times more memorable than regular numbers. Enhance your brand recall today!

1300 number australia

Seeking Greater Control Over Your Inbound Call System?

1300 Australia makes streamlining your inbound call services easy. More features? Absolutely. It truly is that simple.

1. Increased Calls, Boosted Sales

Using a PHONEWORD provides a unified brand presence across various advertising platforms. This not only enhances brand recognition but also boosts customer interaction, sales potential, and ultimately, drives higher revenue.






Print Media




Word of Mouth


1800 Suitcase

1800 784822


1300 932843

1800 Thumbup

1800 8486287

1300 Redbear

1300 7332327


1300 848627

2. Memorable

In our modern, high-speed world, people are often too busy to recall specific numbers. If you’re concerned about potential lost sales due to forgotten phone numbers, turn to Phone Words.

Phone Words are:

3. Case Studies

TV is expensive, so make your contact details count...

Companies can spend vast sums of money creating memorable adverts, yet include a phone number that can’t be remembered. Phone words ensure that everyone can reach you.

Do you keep a pen and paper handy when listening to the radio? Us neither...

We’ve all been there – you hear an interesting advert but you can’t jot down the number. Phone words make it incredibly easy for your target audience to connect your number with the advert they heard by associating it with your brand or your offerings.

A phone word wins vital online confidence...

The Internet is such a highly competitive environment, that end-users have so much choice where to buy and can be wary of organisations that look small. A phone word instantly make you look more professional, and can help win the sale.

Billboards grab attention - but only for a second...

People often glance at billboards, and rarely stop to take down your details. Phone words captialise on this split second interruption of attention by making your number a sensible association with the advert.

Sales have doubled since we started our Phonewords branding

Bob’s Garden Services recording an astounding 780% increase in calls after switching to a consistent PhoneWords based marketing strategy.

BOB’s GARDEN – Chief Branding Officer
John Appleseed

Give your customers the ability to recommend you...

Your customers naturally want to recommend your brand, however this often happens when they don’t have access to your contact details. Having a phone word means you never miss the chance for your contact details being passed on.

4. Simple to Call

Dialling a Phoneword is straightforward. Locate the number matching the desired letter and give it a single press.


5. Phoneword Types


1300 Numbers


Comprising 6-10 characters

Low untimed charges from a fixed line anywhere in Australia

Great for small businesses or freelancers

Free Call

1800 Numbers

Free Call Numbers

Comprising 6-10 characters

FREE CHARGE from a fixed line anywhere in Australia

Great for customer service centers or consumer hotlines


13 Numbers


Comprising 4-8 characters

Low untimed charges from a fixed line anywhere in Australia

Great for medium to large businesses with high call volumes

Australia's Leading Source for 1300 Numbers

Discover the Power of 1300 Numbers

In the digital age, staying connected is paramount. For Australian businesses seeking a competitive edge, 1300 numbers offer a premium, professional touch that consumers have come to trust. Whether you’re a startup in Sydney or a seasoned business in Brisbane or any other location in Australia, a 1300 number amplifies your presence.

Transparent 1300 Number Cost in Australia

Navigating the cost landscape for 1300 numbers? We’ve demystified the 1300 number cost so you can budget without the guesswork. With our transparent pricing, you can rest assured that you’re getting value for every dollar you invest.

Your Hassle-Free Solution: Buy 1300 Number Online in Australia

No need to slog through paperwork or wait in endless queues. Our platform offers a streamlined experience, allowing you to buy a 1300 number online in Australia with just a few clicks. It’s convenient, redefined.

Why Our 1300 Numbers Stand Out

When you opt to buy a 1300 number with us, you’re choosing more than just a sequence of digits. You’re investing in a communication tool that enhances brand identity, fosters trust, and boosts customer recall. It’s a small change that can make a monumental difference.

Get Started Today!

With clear insights on 1300 number cost and the ease to buy online, there’s never been a better time to elevate your business. Join the ranks of elite Australian enterprises and choose a 1300 number that resonates with your brand’s ethos.

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